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My Occupation

Wayne Beals welcomes you here in the 3rd person, because he is such a gracious host. 
Wayne is a living legend; he is taller than Daniel Boone and a little better fighter. He is a hunter, and avid camper. Wayne slaps men at random just to keep his edge. A grizzly bear once attacked Wayne while he was unarmed and within seconds the bear was on its back and Wayne was burning his chest with a large cigar. Wayne spent years looking for Bigfoot, just so he could challenge him to a fist fight. Wayne removed his own wisdom teeth and has the ugliest dog west of the Mississippi.


My Hobbies

Collecting Mil Surp rifles. Long distance running/swimming. Hunting things that fly. Shooting at long ranges. Ranger reunions with my old Ranger buddies. Last but not least, exposing the hucksters that are refered to as F.O.O.G.B. Don't be a Kool Aid drinker.